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5 Instagram tips for financial advisors

It seems like more and more financial advisors and recruiters in Singapore are hopping onto Instagram, and I’m just seeing more and more selling on it.

Because I’m pretty sick of what I’m seeing on the platform, I’ve decided to write this to educate other financial advisors and recruiters on what I particularly like from the few financial advisors that I follow.

This is in hopes of giving a better experience to everyone else who follows you guys on Instagram as well.

Share your clients stories

As a person who follows dozens of financial advisors on Instagram, I would love to see more of your clients and less about what you can offer.

It’s one of the 5 basic mistakes financial advisors make on social media. With the influx of financial advisors on Instagram in Singapore, start differentiating yourself by sharing your client stories.

Sharing how great you are is kind of like holding a banner that says I’m great. No one ever likes self-promotion. However, if someone is holding a banner that says you’re great, it brings a lot more credibility to the table.

So start sharing your client testimonials and feedback about you. The best way to sell yourself is to get others to do it for you.

When others can see the transformation and results you’ve gotten for your clients, they can start to trust you and your work.

The wrong way of sharing your testimonial:

“Ryan was my client and he experienced…”

The right way of sharing your testimonial:

“(Your name) has helped me to save…”

A testimonial is only effective when it is directly given from a third party. You don’t have to rephrase or say it in your own way.

You just have to share it directly from the source, that’s the most authentic way of gaining credibility.

You can share your client testimonials in either a written or video format.

The best thing is for you to share these into your stories and accumulate it under your highlights.

Hence, whenever someone lands on your profile and would like to know more about you. They can see how you’ve positively impacted the lives of your clients!

Clarify your message

Why did you become a financial advisor, aside from the fact that it gives you an income? If your reason is to save and protect the lives of others, you have the same message as 99% of the other financial planners.

In an extremely crowded Instagram market, having an unclear and vague message will not help you to stand out.

If you take a look at Donald Trump and his unexpected win in the elections, it just shows 1 thing. Taking a clear message and stand gets people to like you.

You might have 10% of the people who won’t agree with what you said. But the fact is, it is found that 50% of your prospects will never buy from you and 25% of the people you meet will never like you for whatever reasons, so it doesn’t matter if they might not agree with you.

What’s important is for you to get your message out there to the people who actually matter.

Think back upon why you started being a financial advisor. Why you decided to enter this journey, why you decided to stay in this line, why do you enjoy what you do, why it is important for you to help others, why others should actually come to you instead of others, and why you’re different from other financial planners.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”Simon Sinek

Start by asking yourself why you do what you do, and you’ll definitely be different from the financial planners that cold call or slide into my DMs. You have a message that matters, you just need to get clear on it.

In our Instalegacy masterclass, we go through with you how you can identify your unique messaging theme and stand out in your market.

Connect with your local community

Instagram is a social media network. Unfortunately, 90% of the people don’t even network with others on the platform.

Now, please don’t slide into the DMs of others and sell them insurance. The intention here is to connect with people that don’t know about you.

Have you ever met someone who just met you and start selling you things? Yes, we all hate that guy.

We connect with people not to sell, but to build a relationship with them.

The question is, is it easier to sell or recruit someone who you’ve just met or a friend that you’ve known for months or a year?

It’s definitely the latter, and that’s why connecting with others is important.

The intention of this isn’t to see your network as a business opportunity, it’s to see and treat them as actual friends of yours.

If you’ve done the next tip that I’m about to tell you right, they will become your actual clients.

Start connecting with others by actually having conversations that build friendships. Like every relationship, get to know them and actually talk to them!

This will only fail if you aren’t genuine in building friendships. It’s pretty easy for others to understand your intentions, especially if you’re a financial planner.

And if you do ease them into an actual friendship, do not ever sell them. Instead, start…

Giving free advice to your followers

Who doesn’t love free things? With the advance of social media and google, information is everywhere.

We’re literally flooded with information on every platform that we’re on. And tons of them don’t really answer the questions that we have.

So how do we actually find an answer to our question? Well, we talk to people.

Hence, if you position yourself as the go-to person when it comes to financial planning, people will know that you’re the best or the better choice in the industry. 

Giving things for free is one of the best strategies that works on almost every social media platform.

Now, I’m not asking you to give free cash or prizes. Instead, give out your knowledge and advice on finance-related matters like wealth management, wealth protection, etc.

This can be done through simple videos or infographics where you explain more about wealth management and investments. Here are a few examples:

You can also end off your posts or stories by telling people to message you if they have any questions on financial planning!

By constantly reiterating the message that others can approach you easily, you will cultivate a nurturing and approachable presence that helps you to get connected to others!

Share more of who you really are

Aside from everything about financial planning, there must surely be other things that you do in life right?

If you’re constantly talking about financial planning and nothing else, it just feels pretty inhumane and there isn’t much of a personality behind your brand.

Who likes to talk about financial planning all day? I doubt you do.

When we’re buying financial plans, we aren’t buying it from a machine, we’re buying it from a human being.

Thus, you need to ensure that you inject your own personality and life into your page.

Surely, there must be other interests that you have, be it sports or relaxation activities.

While others are constantly placing out financial plans on your page, you will stand out when you actually treat your page like yourself. Unless you’re constantly talking about finance stuff, share with us the other activities that you do!


These 5 ideas are just one of the many that you should implement as soon as possible. When it comes to Instagram and social media, it’s not so much about ideas, but consistent execution.

Change is only made over time if you’re still making the same 5 mistakes and want a proven framework to grow a brand that your audience will love, take the quiz to know how well your Instagram is doing.


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