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We spend so much time training our skill, craft, and bodies, but training your mind is equally important. Training your mind takes consistent and daily effort. If you don’t train your mind, you are letting your thoughts and focus happen by chance. High performers don’t hope their thinking will work for them; they make their thinking work for them. If you are someone who want to perform at a higher level, you are in for a good treat as we discuss about what it takes to be a high performer with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff.

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Dr. Kamphoff is recognized nationally for her work and contributions to the field of performance psychology. She brings passion, energy, and authenticity to her work with athletes, performers, business people.

She is a widely-respected keynote speaker and training who has worked with companies such as: Nationwide Insurance, Target, Kinder Morgan, Thrivent, Securian Financial, Consolidated Communication, Verizon Wireless, Northwestern Mutual, Mayo Clinic Health Systems, Geneva Capital.

Being through the Boston Marathon Bombing has helped her find her purpose in life.

“The purpose of my life is to live authentically in the now, play BIG for myself and others, and live a life of service giving my whole self to the world.”

In this episode, you will discover:

  • How to control negative thoughts
  • How to become aware of hijacking thoughts
  • What is needed to truly master our lives and destiny
  • How a NFL team mentally shifts for a comeback
  • The GRIT morning routine high performers use


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