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How Do I Brand Myself As A Coach/Speaker On Social Media

Coach & speaker branding

There’s a difference between marketing and branding as a coach or speaker. Marketing is all about increasing visibility and awareness of your brand. Branding is what you stand for and that gets people attracted to you.

The 4 main platforms that I’ll discuss when it comes to branding are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Branding on these 4 platforms is fundamentally similar.

However, It’s important to know which platform is the most useful to you and brings about the greatest ROI. You should then spend 80% of your time on the one that works and 20% of your time on the others. What you’re aiming for is not widespread branding, but omnipresence with a high ROI.

Where do most of your ideal clients hang out at?

Look at where 80% of your clients or customers hang out on. Are they mostly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn? If they’re mostly on Instagram, there isn’t much use to spend much time on LinkedIn.

We’re looking to target the platform that will give you minimal effort and maximum results! Once you know your answer to this question, continue reading!

Easy to remember or SEO optimized username

Make sure that your username is the same across all the platforms. The worst thing is to have different usernames which are hard to remember. You also don’t want your username to have more than 5 syllables as any more than that is hard for your audience to remember.

@dariusthw instagram

@dariusthw twitter

What will be even greater is placing your expertise at the front of your username. For example, if you’re a speaker on social media. You can name yourself socialsamantha.

By placing an easy to remember name along with what you do, people will instantly associate your brand name to the result that you get for others. Whenever someone wants to grow on social media, they know who the first person to look for is.

Another benefit is the fact that your username is much easier to be searched upon than others. If I’m interested in social media, by searching the word social, there’s a much more likelihood for me to find socialsamantha than just samanthajesslyn. 

Cover Photo

Stop placing a model photoshoot as your cover photo. It doesn’t’ help you, your brand, or your audience. You should actually use space this to tell others what you do on every single platform! (except Instagram) You can just include a simple marketing message within the cover photo. An example of a marketing message will be:

“How to (get benefit) in (timeframe) without (doing the thing they hate/fear)


“How to (get benefit 1), (benefit 2), (benefit) using (your unique method)

This is how your cover photo should look like:

@dariusthw linkedin

Compelling Bio

This should be roughly the same for all of your platforms. It needs to answer these few questions for the audience to identify and follow you:

Who are you?

You need to state out your best credentials and what you actually do. Due to the law of average, the impression that people who land on your page is basically what your bio tells them. Hence, you don’t want to hide the achievements you’ve had. In fact, you’ll want to tell them what your biggest or best achievement is!

What do you do?

Some people talk about their great achievements and expect people to infer what they actually do. What you do should be black and white written on your bio. Instead of placing more questions into your audience’s mind about your expertise, be 1 step ahead of them.

Why should I follow you?

Even if you’ve generated 10 million dollars, that doesn’t give me a reason to follow you. There needs to be a clear benefit that answers “what’s in it for me”. This can be getting giveaways, shoutouts, more strategies about your niche or even a lead magnet.

How can I learn more from you?

You need to have a clear call to action to get them to your lead magnet. You should never just place a link and expect people to press it. That’s just like expecting someone to pick up a trash can on the streets, it’s rare that you have such proactiveness. You’ll need a direct call to action like “click here to get____” or “Get your_____ below”.

Place a link to your lead magnet instead of a website

No one is going to remember your website out of the 999 websites on Instagram. I never ever liked directing them to a website as they will just exit from it.

Think about the last website you click and did nothing with it. I don’t think you remember either. Users on social media usually want instant gratification.

Hence, lead magnets do brilliantly by adding value to them, getting them to remember you and gaining them in your email list! Just stop using your own personal website unless it’s a website that gives out the lead magnet directly.

On top of that, you can also convert these traffic into your own traffic by placing a landing page!

Show Off Your Messaging Theme

Do you know what your messaging theme is? It’s simply that 1 message that you want all of your audience to know about. For me, it’s about having the courage to start, passion to enjoy, purpose to fuel you through, and commitment to stick to your dreams.

Gary Vee’s messaging theme revolves around empathy, humility, hustle, and kindness. If you don’t know what your messaging theme is, it’s basically your top 3 to 5 core values!

You should be portraying your core values in the content that you create, be it quotes, videos, infographics. Your messaging theme is what separates you from everyone else. It has to be repeated so many times until your audience laments about your repetition.

And that doesn’t mean you need to change your messaging theme, that means you need to continue to stick with it till every single one of them laments about it.

For the past decade, Gary Vee has been saying the same concepts over and over again but not all of his audience still embodies the message that he has been spreading. The honest truth is, not everyone will get your messaging theme. Hence, you’ll just have to keep pushing again and again.

Essentially, your audience remembers you for your messaging theme. For example, it’s a lot harder for you to remember if I asked you “who were the greatest leaders” vs “who were the kindest and earnest leaders”.

Share Your Personal Stories

This is what people remember you for. If you think about your best friend right now, you’ll most likely remember a memory that tells a story. The most iconic moments with your friends and family are the ones that paint the greatest stories. The people you won’t forget are the ones that have ridiculous stories.

As a speaker, it is important for you to not only tell your stories on stages but on social media as well. People identify with others who go through the same pains, struggles, and difficulties as them.

It is during moments of breakdown, that we forge a stronger bond with others around us. So you don’t just want to be sharing about how great you are, and the tips that you’re giving to people. You want to share your most vulnerable stories and the worst mistakes that you’ve made in your life.


Now that you know what’s needed to brand yourself as a speaker or coach, start executing on it. If you’re looking to understand how well you’re doing on Instagram & wish to have a clearer direction on Instagram, click here to receive your tailored solution.


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