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Instagram Tips: What you should do & avoid as a beginner

Beginner's guide for instagram 2020

People with a new Instagram account are always struggling to get new followers. But not to worry, this isn’t written by someone who has a new Instagram account.

In fact, what I’m about to write here is what I wish I knew when I started my journey on Instagram. And since then, I’ve grown over 150,000 Instagram followers through many hard ways.

Hence, I’m writing this article so that you won’t make the same mistakes that I did and you’ll be learning from a real practitioner who has managed multiple Instagram accounts.

When I started out, what I followed was mostly theory based and tons of the tips that I learned from a google search didn’t really work out for me. So if you’ll still like to test out on tons of different theories, I wish you the best of luck.

After you’ve read this article, the most important thing for you to do is to actually implement all these tips that are proven to get new followers for you.

Before I go on, you have to understand that followers are a vanity matrix. Yes, followers are quite important on your Instagram account, but what’s 10x more important is interacting with your followers & connecting with them.

When I was a beginner, I tested out many different types of Instagram tips because I was desperate to make it work. I thought that gaining new followers was all that matters and the rest weren’t that important. That was when I made 1 of my most painful mistake, and let’s dive into the first tip.

Never Ever Buy Followers

Once you’re sucked into the vanity matrix of wanting more followers, you might be tempted to buy them because of your low follower count. This is THE WORST thing you can ever do to your Instagram account.

First of all, there is no way an agency can ever guarantee that you’ll get this number of followers in a day, or a week, especially if it’s a definite number.  The only exclusion is if they’re doing paid shoutouts or viral giveaways by celebrities. This is a much more expensive option of Instagram marketing and it’ll never be cheap.

Second, if you stumble upon a website that gives you a fixed set of “real followers” like 1000 followers, it’s most likely fake. Especially if you’re just paying $150 for 15k followers. (That’s how much mine cost) If it’s too good to be true, it’s most likely fake. If you insist on getting followers, it’s best to know how to differentiate the best and worst Instagram growth service

Third, once you buy these followers, your Instagram account will be pretty much stagnant and it’s hard to grow from there. Additionally, you have a high chance of your Instagram account getting banned. And that’s what happened to my account. I bought “real followers” and I had 15k followers without any engagement at all. It was just a combination of 100 likes and comments on each post. Because the rest were all bots. Shortly after, I got an action banned and I lost all of my “real followers” in a few weeks.

Instagram Action Blocked

The lesson of the day, never buy followers. You shouldn’t be focusing on the number of new followers you get. Instead, focus on interacting with your followers & building a relationship with them!

Instagram isn’t a filter game.

Unless you’re into graphic design & photography, there isn’t a need for you to edit your photos for 5 hours like those Instagram models. You aren’t looking for model sponsorship and you’re not looking to impress people with your edits.

Your main aim is to serve and impact people on a higher level. If you think that there’s a need to make the photos or videos look extremely nice with filters, news flash, most of the people don’t really care.

Yes, even if you are a fashion, jewelry or cosmetic brand, you don’t have to be spending hours on editing the picture to perfection. I’ve seen fashion accounts that have grown to 100k without much use of any filters at all.

Why? Because the content speaks for itself. If people enjoy your content and it helps them out, they will follow you. Filters are just a tiny part to a big equation of why people follow you.

Stop playing the followers game

As a word of advice, don’t focus on the vanity matrix like followers.

Understand this 1 principle:
Having 100 more targeted followers brings you more revenue than 10,000 random followers.

When you’re sucked into the followers game, you’re just targeting everyone you can find, even if you can’t actually serve them. And if they aren’t in your target market, they won’t even be active followers of yours.

As Instagram growth relies heavily on engagement, targeting mass followers will heavily affect your growth in the long run as your engagement will slowly drop.

This is why you should never focus on “mass followers”, don’t say I didn’t warn you, because I made this mistake and my accounts had to suffer because of it.

Hashtags are your essential starting guideline

You need to be using hashtags. The power of Instagram hashtag is the ability for your target audience to find you through these hashtags, which results in greater reach in your target audience. Hashtags are mainly placed in stories and post to get your content out to your target audience.

Hence, Instagram posts using hashtags have 70% more engagement than accounts who don’t use them. One Instagram marketing tip for beginners is engagement, usually referred to as likes and comments. So what do you think you should be doing now? You got to start using hashtags!

Post Consistently

This is the 1st part of an equation that is essential for the content on your new Instagram account. When I mean post consistently, I mean posting on a daily routine.

Instagram algorithm actually favors those who consistently post on it’s platform. Why? Because Instagram, like every other social media platform, wants its users to stay on the platform! You posting more photos or videos results in more people interacting with you and staying on the platform for just a little longer.

Instagram Explore Page Guide For Beginners

Hence, the Instagram algorithm will reward you for consistency and push you out on the explore page! So if you are a beginner, the last thing you want to do is to miss a day of posting because you’ll be seen as not so active. For beginners, you might want to consider an Instagram post scheduler, I’ll strongly suggest trying using the scheduler from later.

Instagram Scheduler By

Maximize the power of the explore page

Speaking about the previous tip, you don’t have to think so hard to come up with one! In the beginning, I used to spend hours, using up all my creativity to create photos and videos that I could post. Turns out, there’s a much simpler and easier way to create really great content! That is by learning from others through the explore page.

The contents on the explore page are usually there because they have engaged well with Instagram users and it is now being pushed out to more people. If you’re able to learn from these content and recreate something similar, you’ll be able to experience the same amount of engagement as them.

Another great way to use the explore page is by searching up hashtags in your niche and following them. The posts that you see on your home page are the posts that are currently doing well for that niche. When you’re up to date with what’s working on the hashtag, you’ll be able to be on top of the game and create content that is well received by many users.

Pay close attention to hashtags and the explore page as these would usually show you what’s currently trending and liked by your market. For example, you don’t want to be posting entertaining videos when everyone is currently into short and quick videos.

Use Instagram Direct Messages To Network

Now, instead of abusing the DMs to mass send your message and sell to people. Go in with the purpose to connect and network with others. You will find yourself connecting to people that can give you greater opportunities than just selling. These can be podcast interviews or even business collaborations!

I’ve used direct messages to connect with influencers that I’ve always wanted to connect and speak to. You might think that you’re too small to connect with anyone, but remember, your follower count is not your worth!

You’re worth 100x more than that because you know that you have something that can value add the lives of others. You have a skill that is greater than others and that is how you’re going to use it to connect with other people.

Instagram Private Direct Message For Beginners

Instagram Private Direct message Example

These are just a few people who are constantly approaching me through my DMs. I might not reply to all of them but they’re definitely 1 step ahead from people who don’t even try to connect with other Instagram accounts!

Experiment with Collaborations

The final tip for the day, using the Instagram Direct Messages to connect with people. It’s great to collaborate with like-minded people and those with the same goals as you. What you should be aiming for is getting on maybe a dual IG live with them where you can discuss certain topics in your niche. You can also collaborate with them and have both brands cross-promote each other!

My Instagram accounts are constantly doing collaborations and shoutouts with other accounts because that is how we grow our community. Why is this so effective? Because your target audience is probably following another Instagram account and has yet to discover about you. So if you’re both able to promote each other, you’ll be sending users to each other! Of course, the best kind of collaboration isn’t shoutouts. They are the ones that allow you to tap into their network and maybe form a partnership to support each other! Here’s an example of an invitation to such partnership!

Instagram Private Direct Message

A last word of advice, when you’re new to Instagram, the best thing to always do is to follow a proven system that not only gets you followers but leads and sales as well. If you’re looking to understand your problems on Instagram & have a clearer direction on Instagram, click here to receive your tailored solution.

Now I’d like to hear & answer your questions

This is one of the common questions beginners asked me…

What should my first Instagram post be?

For starters, knowing the purpose of creating an Instagram account is very important. Some questions you may want to ask yourself:

What is this page for?

To sell your products? Personal Branding? Company’s Page?

After that, narrow down your niche.

Finally, do research on your niche for content ideas.

If you have any other questions regarding Instagram, let me know by leaving a comment below right now. I’d love to answer them! 


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