Ari Meisel

EPISODE 18 – Are you tired of saying “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”? Do you wish you could put your day job on autopilot and free up a few hours at night to focus on what you really want to do – whether that’s building your side hustle, scaling your business, spending more time with your family, or making it home for date night? Then you got to have a productivity system for yourself…

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Scott Young

EPISODE 17 – Modern life is nothing if not fast-paced and awash with change. Evolutionary change tends to happen over incredibly long timeframes, modern shifts are played out in ever-shortening periods. It’s created a world in which the speed of learning is a competitive advantage, both for individuals and organizations…

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Mark Walsh

EPISODE 16 – What does it mean to become embodied? Why is it important and how does one go about doing it? In today’s fast pacing society, it is inevitable to feel rush, tense and off-balance through overworking, lacking of human to human interaction and hooked on technology. Today my guest, Mark Walsh, takes us on his own journey of becoming embodied…

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Steve Olsher

EPISODE 15 – If you’re an inspired leader who wants to make a tremendous impact on both in the current and future generations, then you got to listen to today’s episode. Spent the past 25 years building businesses from scratch, having gone through highs and lows in life…

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Dr. Jonah Paquette

EPISODE 14 – What do you feel when you are at the top of the mountain enjoying the view? That feeling is simply awe. This underappreciated and often misunderstood emotion may hold the key to a happy, purposeful and awesome life.

I have the opportunity today to sit with Dr. Jonah Paquette to discuss about what happiness is really like and how does one achieve them.

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Cindra kamphoff featured

Cindra Kamphoff

EPISODE 13 – We spend so much time training our skill, craft, and bodies, but training your mind is equally important. Training your mind takes consistent and daily effort. If you don’t train your mind, you are letting your thoughts and focus happen by chance. High performers don’t hope their thinking will work for them; they make their thinking work for them. If you are someone who want to perform at a higher level…

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"The moment you live a life of courage, you take the first step to living life on your terms."

Darius is known as an expert in social media brand growth and conversion. He has grown a following of over 200k+ network in less than 2 years. His team, LegacyIgnite, now helps elite speakers to 10x their impact on this world.

Using his knowledge in coaching and training, Darius publish his best selling book “Reprogram Your Mind” in 2019. Now, he aims to impact 4 million people by 2025 through the podcast, Live Your Legacy