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Should I build my personal brand as a financial advisor?

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There’s tens of thousands of Financial Advisors out there in Singapore, and all of you belong to a few main organisations. So do I tell you guys apart from your organisation, or do I tell you apart from the rest due to who you are as a person? In an ideal world, everyone should be building their personal brand, but most aren’t cut out for it. In this article, we’ll discuss who should & should not focus on building a personal brand.

You shouldn’t build a personal brand if you

Don’t want to be handle publicity

There are some of you who just don’t like the blitz & glamour. Although that’s more of a celebrity than a personal brand, they do have some similarities.

Having a personal brand means owning your frontal image & being responsible for who you are in front of anyone & everyone. It just takes 1 second to tarnish years of reputation that you’ve built for yourself, I highly recommend you to read the 5 Instagram mistakes Financial planners or leaders must avoid.

To be a well-known personal brand is also a commitment to be on the ground & interact with your target audience.

If you don’t value relationships & you don’t like to interact with your audience, then this isn’t for you.

You’re in it for the short term

Building a personal brand doesn’t start now and end in a year. It’s a process of building it for years to reap the rewards of your consistency.

Although some of my clients had results in their very first week, do expect yourself to wait for months if you’ve started building your personal brand alone.

This is definitely not for the people who want to dabble & look for some quick wins. Personal branding is one of the most cost-effective & biggest ROIs in business, but only if you make the commitment to go long & big with it.

Can’t handle critics

This is a huge reason why tons of people don’t build their personal brand. I used to be really afraid of the opinions of others, and I’ll get really affected by negativity & what others think about me.

This is honestly the biggest fear that’s stopping my friends from building their brands as well. Now, the key to this isn’t to shut them off or block them off.

You have to embrace & accept the fact that you will ALWAYS have haters. Now, if you’re wondering if your content may be the reason for all of these critics, you have to read 8 keys to engaging content on Instagram and break through the fear that’s stopping you.

So if you’re on the fence of starting a personal brand, here are 6 reasons & huge benefits as to why you should do it.

Want to attract instead of approach prospects

Are you sick of constantly reaching out to clients through messages or emails? I used to send 10 emails a day just to get more “leads & sales”.

Most of them will ignore and probably a few out of 100 emails will reply to me. Do I enjoy it? Not at all. So if we never once enjoyed being on the other end of it, why do we do it to others?

That was when I decided that I’m going to flip the traditional game of approaching & selling to attraction & qualifying.

What if we could get people wanting to work with us instead of us chasing them? And that’s when I found personal branding as a solution to that.

A brand that attracts rather than ads, cold calling, roadshows which requires you to approach, that’s the ultimate game-changer for any financial planner or leader.

Want consistent leads & sales without spending a dime

A brand costs time, but you don’t have to spend on ads or exposure just to get your brand seen. It relies mainly on content rather than anything else.

If you think about it, everything that you’re seeing around you is content. The articles on your newspaper, the posts on social media, the emails that you receive, all of these are content.

And the one who posts the best content will naturally get the most eyeballs on them.

If you’ve got a personal brand with 100,000 followers interested in you & what you do, how many of them would convert to be your clients?

Well, if you’re not that great at converting, it’s probably 1%. And that’s already 1000 clients right up your doorstep. Even if you’ve got 10,000 followers, that’s already 100 clients.

Build credibility & expertise

Do you get the common question of “what do you do, how are you different, how can you help me?”

If you don’t want the need to introduce yourself over & over again, a personal brand does that for you. You’ll just have to direct a link to your social media page or your website & they’ll know everything about what you do.

Here’s a tip, you can even record an introduction of yourself and place it in your Instagram story highlights like this:Instagram Introduction Highlights

A personal brand also gives you trust. Just imagine, a financial planner with full fledge social media pages, tons of testimonials on it, and one that doesn’t have any, you’re bound to trust the former. And trust drives revenue because it makes it 10x easier for you to close. 

Wish to stand out from the market & be at the top of the industry

There are so few financial planners who have built a great personal brand that it’s actually much easier for you to stand out in your market.

Most financial planners are on social media platforms like Instagram, but 90% have less than 1k followers, I’m quite sure you know what I’m talking about.

If you implement a proven roadmap that can help you to attract & scale your personal brand on-demand, you’ll be way ahead of them, simply because most of them are struggling in the market.

Believe in the message that you share

Now, our team doesn’t particularly like to work with financial planners who are out there just trying to make cash. Because these are the people who won’t make great Brands.

We believe that everyone has a higher purpose & message within them, they just haven’t discover that. But those who already have a message, for example, to build families that can realise their children’s dreams without the worry for cash, will become exemplary personal brands.

That simple message separates you from the rest of the financial planners & you’ll never be just another one of them.

When you find your own unique message which is tied to your own personal story, you will stand out in your market.

Want an asset that grows exponentially

Some personal brands explode within the first months, they’re pretty rare of course, and most might take years to see an exponential result in their investment.

It’s not a watch or car that decreases in value, the only way for a personal brand to go is up unless you get yourself into trouble with the media.

The more people know who you are and what you do, the more attention, leads and sales you will get. Ultimately, you’re trading your time of investment for real social attention, and that’s something money can’t buy.

There’s a huge difference between paying to be on a platform and people wanting to follow you.


I hope I have given you more clarity on what to expect in building a personal brand as a financial advisor.

Now you know the power of building a personal brand on social media, what’s stopping you from achieving that?

 If you need a clearer direction on building a personal brand on Instagram, click here to receive your tailored solution.


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