Steve Olsher

If you’re an inspired leader who wants to make a tremendous impact on both in the current and future generations, then you got to listen to today’s episode. Spent the past 25 years building businesses from scratch, having gone through highs and lows in life, Steve Olsher can definitely lead you directly towards what works and get you there in the quickest way possible.


Steve Olsher is the founder of Podcast Magazine and is the New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do.

He has an extremely practical & frank approach to life and business which propels his clients towards massive profitability while cultivating lives of purpose, conviction, and contribution. Even though he’s an in demand guest for every platform & is the Chairman & Co-Founder of, he believes that his marriage for 23 years is a greater achievement than all those.

In this episode you will discover:

  • How he uncovered his message which became a New York Times Best Seller
  • Why your legacy is not about you
  • How he bounced back from depression and created his message
  • The 1 thing that’s limiting you right now



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Hey everybody, welcome to live your legacy. The goal of our show is to help you connect to people and concepts have made a tremendous impact on the lives of others. Today’s guest is the founder of podcast magazine and is the New York Times bestselling author of what is your what discovered the one amazing thing you were born to do. He has been in entrepreneurship longer than I’ve been alive and is known as an expert as foremost in reinvention expert. He is famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their work. There is no one thing they were created to do. And he has an extremely practical and Frank approach to life and business, which propels his clients towards massive profitability while cultivating lives of purpose, conviction and contribution. Even though he’s an in demand guest for every platform, and is the chairman and co founder of He believes that his marriage for 23 years is a great achievement that all those welcome our super casual guest, Steve oceo. Welcome to the show.


Hey, man, how are you? Thanks for having me.


Chris, you’re gonna want to dive in share with two. Why did you place your marriage and brown belt in jujitsu? Right as a great achievement than everything else in the business world that you have activity that


man it’s a business’s a walk in the park compared to the two those two things. It’s a Yeah, I mean, you know, just everyday in jujitsu, you get your butt handed to you, no matter how good you are, no matter how long you’ve been doing, there’s always somebody that’s gonna be a little bit better, a little bit stronger, a little bit faster. I mean, just you know, there’s only one person who’s the best in the world. So it’s always gonna be somebody there and then, you know, on the marriage front, yeah, you got to work at it. You know, I mean, it’s, it’s something that just It doesn’t come as naturally to to some people as it does to others. And the reality is, you know, when you’ve got two separate people coming together, you’ve got to try to make it work as one. And when you’re a business owner, you don’t really have those same problems, right? I mean, you’ve got your vision, you have people who bring your vision to fruition, but ultimately, as the entrepreneur, you’ve got the final say, in terms of what happens in the other areas, you don’t always have the final say,


I got the legal I mean, so just want to dive in straight away to What does living a legacy really mean to you. And it is something that you really talk a lot about in your talks as well. So


yeah, yeah, I mean, to me, it’s really just about understanding that we’re only here for a finite period of time. And so the question is, what can you do to impact not only those who share this lifetime with you, but also those lifetimes to come? So ultimately, if you think about leaving a legacy in a way that can impact future generations, well, then you’re doing a lot more than just simply getting by, in this one life that we’ve all been given.


And so what’s your own vision of the impact you want to have in this whole?


Yeah, you know, if anything, I hope I inspire my children to live out their own dreams and try to do whatever they can do to create the life that is the the life that means the most to them when in terms of whatever that definition might be for them. But, you know, reality is kids like me as a child, right? I’m able to do whatever I want to do, no matter what my parents say. And that’s just kind of how it is. So as a teacher of others, I have people who choose to come to me to learn and they’re more open to you know, some of those teachings than those who you know, obviously my kids don’t have any choice. I’m dad, right? So they kind of have to listen so the point only being That when people read my books or when they listen to a podcast or when they come to one of my classes as an example, they’re choosing to be there. And so my goal is to impart whatever wisdom that I can that I’ve, that I’ve learned and incurred over the years and help them apply that to whatever it is that they’re working out whether it’s their life or their business. And ultimately, that’s what they’re paying for right is the those shortcuts and those strategies. So that’s, that’s, that’s the hope is that they implement what they learn, and that helps them to create a better life, a better business and in turn, that helps me to create a legacy. You know, that I’d like to leave?


Definitely, I think it’s very in line with the message that you want to spread, which is making people understand that they have the choice to impact millions of other people around the globe as well. So just want to know, right? Like, how do you actually like, Where did that message come from? Where it’s a pretty short message, right that you know, every person can impact But let’s like, what made you like, go into that action in the first place? I read it. Yeah.


Yeah, I mean, look, it’s obviously a process as you get to be older and you get to learn more as, as an entrepreneur, as a teacher, as a father, as a friend, you know, as a mentor, etc. You just begin realising that there are things that you’ve learned in your life that that others just haven’t had the same experiences and haven’t had the opportunity to learn. And what I believe is that it’s our obligation really to share a lot of what we’ve learned to help others avoid a lot of the same brain damage and trial and tribulation that so many people unnecessarily incur. And so that, to me, was really the wake up call, you know, just there, there’s an opportunity here. And, and ultimately, I think it’s an obligation for us to help others in terms of avoiding a lot of those pitfalls that we had to endure. I really do think it’s our response. ability to do so. So that’s why I started teaching. That’s why I started writing. That’s why I started mentoring and coaching. Because at the end of the day, I can help people save a lot of time, energy and resources.


Now, what was the exact damage that happened to you? which caused you to go Okay, you know what, maybe I want to help other people to avoid falling into like what you say to the pitfalls,


right? Mm hmm. Yeah, I mean, I’ve, I’ve been up, I’ve been down, I’ve been up, I’ve been down throughout my life. And I will say that there was a particular period of time, going on about seven, eight years ago now, where I was really really in a in a down period. And, and what I realised during that period of time, with that was very, just really, really self absorbed. Like it was just all about me and my problems and and I just couldn’t get out of my own head. And so you know, when you’re when you’re that self absorbed Do you kind of throw out the rope and you hope somebody catches it? And, and that’s what I just started to do if people who caught the rope and you know, my wife and family and friends who helped me get out of that, that, you know that depression. And ultimately, it really just occurred to me in those moments that, you know, there’s a lot of people out there who have a lot of gifts and a lot of talents and a lot of skills. And they just need someone to kind of throw them a lifeline and take them in and help them. And I’m not saying you have to do these things for free. I’m not saying you have to do this, you know, completely as a volunteer anything of that nature. But, again, having been in that position and knowing that there were ways that I could solve my problems, get myself out of that hole. If someone hadn’t shown me some of the other options, then I may still be in that hole. So I think a lot of this is just about showing people the options that are available to them.


Now if you want to find out More about like what MIT you say you say the what is really the word self absorbed? Right? And because previously you were like an entrepreneur and I mean, pretty much your whole life, you’ve been an entrepreneur, you’ve been serving people. What made you go into that? That zone of self absorbed? And then how do you get out from from being separate not to serving others back again?


Yeah, I mean, I think it’s easy for all of us to do that. We focus on our own problems, we focus on everything that’s directly in front of ourselves, and we look in the mirror and we have conversations with ourselves, we have conversations that are always going on in our heads. And so the reality is that your life is going to be a reflection of those conversations, you know, I mean, if you’re telling yourself a million bad things all day long, you’re gonna have a pretty crappy outlook on the world. If you’re telling yourself a million positive things all day long, you’re gonna feel like the world you know is more on your side and is working to help you as opposed to, you know, the world being against To write so. So from that perspective, it’s when you are so focused on yourself. You forget that other people can really benefit from who you inherently are, and doesn’t take anything more than who you inherently are to, to really help people. So part of what you can do when you’re in that, that darker space is just stop having those conversations, stop looking in the mirror, stop telling yourself bad things and just figure out who you can help. You know, and you’ve got skills like you, you know, right now in terms of creating a podcast in terms of zoom, and, you know, all of these things like you take all of these skills for granted. But there’s a lot of people who would love to know how you do what you do and don’t understand how you make money online, or how you you know, create a podcast or how you record a call. So even like really simple things could be of tremendous benefit to someone who doesn’t understand how to do the same thing.


That the core essence is really gratitude and serving and changing and shifting to what can it serve instead of luck and so for me, right, so I fully agree with whatever you’re saying. So just wanna understand, like, you know, you explain a lot about people having gifts a lot about people having talents by adding up and going about with that one whole thing. So you’re explaining like your book, what is your what, right everyone has at least one gift or talent? So just what no, right? How does one identify the gift in this current day and age?


Yeah, so we’ve got an exercise called the seven C’s of your soul, which is in the book, what is your What? And that exercise is specifically designed to help people figure out what their core gift is? Our our framework, the what is your what framework actually has three pieces, it’s understanding your primary, let’s just call it your core gift, your primary vehicle so the vehicle you use to share that gift, and then the people that you’re most compelled to serve, so who those people are? And reality is we all have a core gift, whether it’s teaching or inspiring or entertaining, or protecting or enrolling or healing. I mean, there’s lots of different gifts that are available to you. And I wish there is just a hard, fast answer where this is exactly what you do, and it’ll just appear. But one of the reasons why we created an exercise that is specific to helping people figure out what that gift is, is because it is a challenge for so many people because it’s not as simple as just snapping your fingers and going, Okay, here’s what it is. So, so the seven seeds of your soul is an exercise that that is in that book. that’ll really help people figure out what their core gift is. And then you can move on to your vehicle and the people and understanding and identifying who the people are.


Now just want to know like, how did you find out why start gift and what exactly do you think is your own gift? Right? Because usually we talk about frameworks like what you teach, but what do you actually what do you think and how do you find out why Is your gift.


Yeah. So it’s interesting. I mean, my my gift is kind of, it’s going to dance a little bit between teaching and communicating. And I think my core gift is a little bit more communicating then it is teaching because I have various platforms with which I like to communicate, like through the magazine through books, through speeches, through podcasts, etc. And I’m not always teaching sometimes I’m turning the spotlight onto others and giving others the opportunity to share their expertise. So I do think that the dogs agree right but I do think that the, the core gift is communicating and and I and it took me a long time to figure that out for sure.


Okay, so what was that one point in time where you go that hey, you know what, I want to start podcasts here. I want to start going on to these different platforms. I want to start communicating because Like it like


for a normal person, probably everyone’s just like,


let’s say a venture entrepreneur, people probably just want to stick to the business. Nobody wants to come on and go like, Hey, you know, maybe I want to start a podcast, maybe I want to start going to these different platforms. So what was that one thing? Or was there compounding factors which make you go, Hey, you know what, maybe there’s an odd gift which is communicating.


Yeah, I mean, I would say that it was just really trial and error over a number of years. Right. And again, that’s that’s the beautiful thing about the what is your what framework because it works for you throughout your entire life, because your gift is going to be static, it’ll stay the same throughout your entire life. And you’ll figure that out either through the exercise or through trial and error. And so again, for me that that gift is communicating, but the the vehicle that you use to share that gift and then the people that you’re most compelled to serve, those are more fluid, those are more organic, those can change over time, and so he he And then those would be the vehicles. And then as I looked into this whole new media landscape and on podcasting, that’s when I then shifted over to primarily podcasting as the core as the core vehicle that I would use to then share my gift. So sort of evolves over time. And and it wasn’t until I really started listening to shows and practising and having my own shows that I realised that it’s, it’s a lot like radio, and I’ve always really liked radio.


Oh, well, okay. And I realise that a lot of techniques that you so share is a lot more of self reflection, right? And I fully agree that you know, in order for us to even know ourselves, it’s not about going out and searching for new ideas or things, but it’s a lot about searching deep within ourselves into understanding and having the self awareness of knowing what exactly is our gift and then like when you say vehicle and the people yeah, that’s that’s more flexible, right? So just want to find out right like What were the moments of self reflection for yourself, which makes you we went, we helped you, basically to form up the message that you’re currently having today.


Yeah, and honestly, in in author land, they say that you write the book that you most need. And so for me, though, the what is your what framework and the creation of that framework was really a matter of needing to be able to figure out what it is that I’m really compelled to do. And so, for lack of a better term, it was it was born out of necessity. And that’s that’s a lot of what happens for so many people as they create what it is that they most need. And when I tried the Myers Briggs and the what color’s your parachutes and a lot of those, they really just left me with a lot more questions than answers. And so that’s that’s when I ended up deciding You know, there’s got to be an easier way here. And I created this this framework based on my own needs, and also as a as an offshoot of Teaching because I had been teaching and helping people. And as I started working with them, and just really going through the process of helping them to figure out what they wanted to do, it all began to fall into place. So the framework itself wasn’t just something I sat down and came up with. It was developed over a number of years of actually teaching, and working with people until I realised, you know, hey, if you can figure out your gift, and you can figure out your vehicle, and you can figure out your people, you can hit the ground running and do some pretty good things.


No, I love the fact that you have been teaching, you’re not only being entrepreneurship for decades, you have been teaching for decades as well. So I just want to touch more on the teaching point, right? Like, what what is it that makes you go, I feel obligated to serve these people, and what makes you go everyday into a room and start teaching people and giving our very best I think a lot of people who maybe wants to start teaching people might have that fear of like, oh, maybe what I have might not really benefit or maybe like I’m not really at despiece yet off giving to other people as well.


Yeah, I mean, the easiest way to think about it is one of my favourite expressions, and I don’t know who quoted it, or where I got it from. But yeah, I don’t know if it’s really attributable to anyone. But one of my favourite expressions is to a second grader, a fifth grader is a God. And so, you know, it’s one of those funny expressions where you think back like, Okay, how much did you actually know in fifth grade? The answer is not much. But if you were in second grade, you looked up to that fifth grader, because they’ve already been, where it is that you’re going and they were, you know, kings of the school kings and queens of the school. And you would do you would have done anything to be that fifth grader, if you were a second grader. And so what what I like to ask people to think about is, where are you on the path where you’re just a couple of steps perhaps ahead of Someone else so you don’t have to have you know a doctorate or be this this 30 year entrepreneur like I am to to help people, you just have to be a couple of steps farther down the path than someone else. And if you can help them shorten their learning curve and get to a place faster than making it to on their own, that’s a value and people will pay for that.


Definitely I totally agree with the analogy is pretty awesome. And so just want to understand, like, what do you think? Or how do you think others can actually start living down on legacy?


Well, you don’t, right. I mean, again, you don’t sit here and think like, you know, I’m going to have this legacy when I die. I mean, like that’s going to be determined by the people that come after you. They’re the people who survive you. They’re the ones that are going to determine whatever your legacy is. is because, you know, you can sit here and say that you want to do X, Y or Z in your life. But, you know, the truth is the people who come after you are going to determine what your life actually was. So I don’t think you can go into it with that with that goal in mind, I think that you just simply have to go into it with the goal of serving those that you are most compelled to serve now, and your your legacy, whatever that might be, will take care of itself. But, you know, again, I think it just starts with serving now, and serving however you can.


And now how do you how do you go into their whole mind? Like what was the step that made you go into the mindset of you know, serving others and basically keep on giving contribution back like you have mentioned that, you know, what, there were days where your your depression and then others were helping you and that’s why we decided to help back. Right, but I’m quite sure there’s many different types of contributions right that ways where you can go to like the Mental Hospital to help out all those people that are really neat. And your way is to teaching and coaching others and helping other businesses. So how do you find that? Like, where exactly is it that you realise that hey, I felt that I felt I felt the need to actually step four and stuff then.


Yeah, I mean, again, I just it’s I don’t think there’s a hard and fast answer the the real answer to that is you just start with whoever will listen, like you could literally just put up a Facebook post, or you could post something on Instagram or whatever your social media platform of choices, and you could say, who needs help? You know, I’m available today and I’d love to help you with something that you’re working on. And let’s just see what they say, you know, and when people say, Hey, you know, I really need help finding a new place to live like how do I find a great place I really need help, you know, with my with my studies I really need help with my online business like whatever it is. And as you start to do more of those, you know, helpful actions, you’ll begin figuring out like, I really liked doing this, but I didn’t really like doing that. Right. So then the next time you do something, you could be like, who needs help doing a or b, and those people will come out of the woodwork, right? And they’ll say, Yeah, I need help with this. And I need help with that. And as you do more of that, you’ll figure out like, I don’t really like B, but I really like a so then maybe you end up saying, you know, I really like helping people with online marketing. Right? As an example, I really like how people writing a book, I really help people. I like helping people create a song. Right, whatever that is. So that’s, that’s where it all begins. Okay, great. I love the last few questions is really what makes you wake up every single day to do what you do. Other than your dog barking. Yeah, yeah, right. I know right all day every day. You know, and I’ll be I’ll be honest with you. I don’t work nearly as hard now, as I did 10 years ago. I mean, I’m 50. I’ll be 51 this year. And so it’s, you know, it’s come to the point now where I’m able to work a few days a week, and I really like what I do during that time. But I’m also at the point where I don’t want to be doing it 80 hours a week either. So for me, what makes me do it is I still just really enjoy helping people like I legitimately enjoy helping people who lack clarity, like, you know, even just today I let a training for a few hundred people online. And so many people are just still stuck trying to figure out like, Where do I even start, like, what should I do? What should I focus on? And because of the work that I do with what is your what and the work that I’ve done, you know, with coaching and teaching and so on and so forth over the years, I’m able to really help them get clear and help them create a path for moving forward and making the kind of money that they want to make so that you If I can help you, you know, go from zero to 100 grand a year and that hundred grand a year changes your life, then I’ve done my job, right and I’ve done a good job and it’s not you know, it’s kind of like you feed a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day and you teach a person to fish and they’ll, you know, they’ll eat for a lifetime. So that’s a lot of what it boils down to, for me right now is really just teaching people how to fish so to speak, so that they can do something that they enjoy. But you know, reality is right now. It’s it’s not a matter of even really waking up in the morning per se with a with a particular agenda in mind. I mean, we’ve got a team of people in place who carry on what it is that we’re doing, whether it’s through podcasts magazine, or our coaching programmes or so on and so forth. And the people that need these seem to organically find me and, and I’m happy to help them if I can.


Definitely and I realised that you work a lot on clarity, clarity, clarity as well. Am I right? Like, what would you think that that’s like one of the message that you’re really pushing for as well?


Yeah, and one of the things that I talked about and this is what we had a discussion with a lot of the people actually today around this is you simply have to start right you have to pick a lane and make a decision. And you have to have clarity around who you are, the value that you bring to the table and how you help people and the outcomes or benefits that they’ll realise by working with you or enrolling in a relevant product programme or service. And so for a lot of folks, they are putting out so many messages and so many that like they can do so many different things. It is confusing for people in terms of who they are and what they do and what it is actually their prospect should be investing in. Right and so one of my personal philosophies is take one lane, a very clear specific lane, you know, I help people write books, period, right, like that’s what I do. I help people write books. I don’t do the online marketing, I don’t do the font like whatever that is for you, you know, I help people launch podcasts, period. That’s what it is right? I help people do blank so that they can blank, whatever that is just very, very simple, very, very clear. So like for us, what we do is we help people become icons in their niche and launch their new media marketing machines so they can generate highly targeted leads, massive visibility and consistent revenue on autopilot, right, like that’s what we do. So, the point is, we’re obviously a more mature business we’ve been doing this for for a long time, and we’re very clear on the people that we are best suited to help. For everyone else who is not so clear. Just pick a lane get started with it. And I will tell you that in most cases, you can take that one lane to $100,000 in revenue or more Before you do anything else, and it’s entirely doable,


that’s pretty great. I realised like how the marketing save money. So that was one of the longest McKinney stimulus I’ve only heard it’s so specific and precise on to who you’re actually targeting. And base people realise like, okay, minus I help. I help basically personal brands become new market leaders on Instagram. So I’m really thinking like, Okay, well, whatever, it just seems really like a lot longer and a lot more specific on the benefits that people get. So maybe I can go and look into relocated to my host name as well. So just Well, no, oh, yeah.


Yeah. And but you also don’t have to, because it’s very, very clear what you do. Like if I want an Instagram Expert, and that’s part of what you have to think about, you know, is what conversation do you most want to be part of? Right? And so you want your name to be in the conversation around Instagram and Instagram marketing. So, if people are looking for an Instagram marketing expert, they need to think there is and it’s just like, I mean, it’s very, very simple. It’s very, very cool. Clear. I don’t think you need to be any more specific than you are. I think it’s very clear and very concise and very compelling.


Okay, thanks. Thanks for the feedback. Okay, so just want to know that I know you put in sight. You were discussing about how you had the fuck the grass mentality. And now I was thinking like, holy crap. What was that? Right? So I read the Google like, Okay, I got some bad results from that. I think what you’re going on with is with the fact that grass is greener on the other side. Am I right? So just want to explain like, why exactly. And how did you come up with, you know, some straightforward, we’re just a fact the grass.


Yeah, I mean, because I think that is as human beings, that is the single biggest issue that most of us will struggle with, whether it’s in a person relationship, whether it’s in your business, whether it’s with, you know, where you live, whether it’s where you know, the car that you drive, the clothes that you wear, whatever it is, I think that, and I’m not going to say all but I think that, you know, based on my experience, there are a lot of people who struggle with not being able to just simply be with what they have and who they are. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aspire for more. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want to grow your business or grow who you are from a personal development standpoint. But I am saying that oftentimes, we push things off into the future in terms of creating that line in the sand. And basically saying, when I get to this line in the sand, then I will allow myself to be happy, then I will allow myself to feel a certain way, then I will allow myself to, to, to kind of live in the way that I imagined I will live, when I have whatever those things are there and the other side of that line. And so that’s really what I’m talking about is trying to make peace, we still understand That there is there is growth potential that you can move forward that you can do more, while still really understanding that you can enjoy what it is that you have right here on right now. And that’s really what I mean.


And so when was that in your particular point of life where you decided to you know what, I’m gonna adopt this mentality and stop waiting for that day to feel happy?


Yeah, I’m gonna say that was probably about two months ago.


The inspiration behind that, then?


That’s really Yeah, yeah, no, I mean, it really is something that that again, as a human being who walks this planet, it’s certainly something that I have struggled with, much like millions and billions of other people have struggled with throughout their lives. So I’m not going to sit here and say, by any stretch that I’m immune to it that I’m 100% You know, I’m not enlightened and I’m not, you know, an enlightened being, so to speak, right? I mean, it’s not like I’ve achieved The, you know, the the last step of of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right? Like, I’ve still got my own issues and things that I struggle with. But the more that I try to remember that, the more contentment and fulfilment I find, but at the same token, you know, I’m still somebody who needs a challenge. So it’s, it’s, it’s a dance, but you don’t want that challenge to get in the way of actually living in this moment. And so that’s, you know, you can talk about the power of now by her totally, and there are other people who’ve taught similar things and so on. So I’m not going to sit here and say that this is a new philosophy, per se, but for me, that way of looking at it is helpful.


And what was it that made you like, what, what was an incident that occurred to you that really make you go that you know what I need to start living now instead of waiting for the day to be happy? That was a challenge that you’re facing.


Yeah, you know, I can’t sitting out there. So I wish I could sit here and say that it was this just one particular moment that that transpired so much as you know, where where I have been throughout my life is really always looking for the next big thing. And then recognising that that next big thing is not necessarily going to provide any more fulfilment than the things so to speak, that already have right now. And so, you know, really it just, it was one of those Wake Up Calls, you know, we have those Wake Up Calls and it was literally just a wake up call for me where I sat there and said, You know what, I’m going to continue on this treadmill to the day I die, or I’m going to really allow myself to enjoy what it is that I have and what it is that I created. And it was you know, I was probably Hi. I like to smoke right. So I was really high and I was sitting there going, you know what, yeah, just fuck the grass, right. And that’s kind of how I think it probably came about knowing, knowing how I am. And, again, I wish I could sit here and say I was looking at this or looking at that, you know, doing this or whatever it was. But I was probably just high sitting there one day and that and that came to me and I was like, I’m gonna use that as my motto.


There’s a really interesting and intricate way of coming up with ideas. And one additional point just like you said, about Wake Up Calls, right? And people have numerous Wake Up Calls or maybe one specific wake up call in their whole life. So what do you think was like the greatest wake up call for you drop your whole 50 years on off right now?


Yeah, I think the biggest one for me was when my stepfather died. I mean, he raised me since I was since I was 10. And he died in my in my 40s is when he passed. And I mean, there was there was definitely a wake up call there. And just under Understanding that, you know life life really is very, very short and understanding as I was sitting with him that up into that point I pretty much had been chasing the almighty dollar and and I had a vision of my own funeral of being buried and set into the ground. I was alive in the coffin but everybody else thought I was dead right but I could hear the words being spoken graveside and that’s what people that’s what was basically said which is you know, Here lies Steve hoelscher. he dedicated his life to chasing the almighty dollar. And that’s all that was said. And that was the real wake up call and it hit me really, really hard. And that happened when I was sitting there bedside with my stepfather holding his hand in his final days. And he can no longer communicate verbally, but I believe that we were able to connect and communicate through that point of physical touch because that was the message that I got from him. And and that was a big wake up call.


I really love how that really goes in line with everyone has a message right? Maybe even in your diet. Moment estates a message that you can pass on to your loved ones as well. So just want to ask this question of how can the audience Connect and Learn more from you because there’s a lot of things going on with you right now. I just want to ask how can the audience Connect and Learn more from you?


Yeah, you know right now man we’re really big on getting people to jump into the to the mix with what we’re doing with podcast magazine. And this is obviously you know, podcast right and also we will be hearing it there. But at the same token, we did talk about the book what is your what so maybe that would be a good place to start if podcast magazine isn’t your thing and that’s really just for fans of podcasts, podcast magazine calm but if you’re really trying to figure out what your what is and and how you can have impact on not only those who share this lifetime with you but have lifetimes to come then grab a free copy of that book at what is your what calm?


And so what do you think is like the next thing for you right now in your whole journey since


I’ve completed so many things.


Yeah, I mean, as I say, fuck the grass. I’m sitting here now thinking about how can I create this, what I’m in the process of doing through podcasts magazine, the live event that we have and our online presence and other things that we’re doing in the podcasting space is really creating a vertical. We’re looking to, I don’t want to say dominate the podcast vertical, because there’s people with much bigger pockets than we have. But we’re putting together a fairly nice assortment of offerings in the podcast space, including our own podcast and as I said, podcast magazine, a live event and so on and so forth. And our goal is to do a roll up within the vertical to package what we have in terms of our assets and adding additional assets to the mix and then packaging that up and exiting to someone who really wants to get a nice foothold into the podcasting space.


And uh, for those who actually want to know how to start and as a company you have an eight figure beyond eight figures box Classes well, right.


Yeah. reinvention radio beyond eight figures. And we’re launching a couple of podcasts for the podcast magazine group, so to speak as well.


Okay, great. So just follow the links below. So just last question. If you had to start all over again, what will you do to spread the message? You have? I know.


Yeah, I mean, look, the reality is I don’t think I would have I wouldn’t be able to start over knowing what I know now, in that moment 30 years ago, because you have to have the experiences of going through life of having the trials of having the tribulations of having the ups and having the downs having the problems, finding the solutions, getting challenged, solving what it is that you need to move through in order to get to where to where you are. I mean, you know what, I’d love to have a billion dollars in the bank. I don’t know. I mean, honestly, I don’t know there’s a lot of pressure that goes hand in hand with having a billion dollars in the bank. Right. So I live a great life or in San Diego, you know, we’ve got beautiful home beautiful family. And so I’m not sure that I want or need any more than I have. And so ultimately, I think that that’s the core question that I would ask people to answer, which is, what is it that you actually need? versus what is it that you want. Because if you live from a place of want, as opposed to living from the place of assembling and having what you need, you’re going to live a very different experience. And you’re never going to have what you want, but you can actually have what you need.


I really love that whole message of going with what you need and what you want, because it also ties back into what you’re saying of gratitude by understanding what you really have. And what’s the next was that one next big thing that people are always searching for, like a shiny object they’re always searching for. So I think it goes really in line with what we’ve been saying gratitude, you know, having the fact that class mentality, very, very integral way of life. Remember, he fought for my whole life lovely. Now remember this as if OSHA will tell me that so thanks for thanks for being on the podcast and thanks for listeners for listening to this podcast. Until the next episode, start living your legacy, guys!


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